Working to Protect Your Legacy

And Help You Succeed

Wesley J Riddle


I have been working with small businesses throughout my career. I founded a non-profit to assist people with the start-up and launch of new businesses and ran that business myself for several years. I learned then, in a hands-on way, the myriad challenges small business owners face, and especially how overwhelming it can be to effectively manage every aspect of one’s business. In the small business world, I believe it is an unrealistic expectation that a single owner or even a small group of owners be experts in everything.

Small businesses need advisors to succeed. And they need those advisors to be accessible. I have built my practice to be that accessible, go-to advisor for small businesses. I have developed a service model to allow small business owners to spend more time running their businesses and less time making sure it is legally compliant, while also having access to a small business attorney for consultations as needed.

"The law is not like a computer program. There are no universal solutions that you can simply plug in to get the result you want."

While I was running a business, I started a family. I realized immediately something I had never considered before: just caring for and nurturing a successful and happy family is an enormous enough challenge in and of itself, without everything else that life entails. If the challenges of entrepreneurship and running a small business are also part of the equation, as has become increasingly common for many families, then the challenges, again, are often too much for a family unit to successfully manage.

I believe it is unrealistic to expect any family to know how to address every challenge they will face. Families need advisors too. I got into estate planning to help families just like mine to effectively plan for both success and adversity and to protect what they care about most. Families who work with me on a plan have the option of not only getting a document for their family, but a go-to counselor whenever issues arise that impact their families.

Wes Riddle

An attorney, mediator, entrepreneur, investor, and real estate developer, Riddle is a native of Memphis who is proud to be doing what he loves in his hometown. In addition to practicing law, Riddle has traveled extensively, having spent several years in Europe as well as multiple extended professional and pleasure visits to the Middle East. Riddle is a life-long learner, a lover of world history and cultures, and when he is not working, he is likely to be found reading a biography of a great place or an inspirational person from our past.

Bar Admissions

  • Tennessee State Bar, 2012


  • M.S. Real Estate - Johns Hopkins University, 2010

  • J.D. - Southern Methodist University, 2009

  • B.A. History - Harding University, 2001