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Entrepreneurs in Memphis Tennessee, you’re the new rock stars! And there’s no shortage of advice for you, whether on the bestseller list or from thousands of companies and platforms competing for your clicks. The trouble is how to know which advice is good advice and who to trust. Too often what you’ll find is just enough information to be dangerous, often teased to get you to pay upfront before you really know what you’re getting - and ultimately not tailored to your particular circumstance.

We want to help get your business up and running in a way that actually works for you, today. Then we want to grow with you to nurture your business’ growth with carefully crafted legal strategies that anticipate risks and challenges and are responsive when problems arise. The right decisions made in a timely manner can keep you out of the courtroom and ultimately save your company money.

Your legal strategy begins by choosing the right business entity and setting it up correctly. The choice of entity affects ownership and control, profit and loss sharing, risk exposure, management, taxation, and potential funding mechanisms. We perform and advise on single- and multi-member LLC formation, series LLC structuring, corporate formation, partnerships, and professional entities.

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We make sure everyone is on the same page when it comes to funding your start-up. We put together custom partnership agreements, investor agreements and subscription agreements, even private loan documents, and small secured transactions. As part of this process, we work to ensure that everyone involved has the same understanding of the transaction, such as the company’s finances, the terminology used, and the same expectations for the business’ performance.

We work to ensure that your principal products or services, and fundamentally your relationships with your customers and clients, are governed by strong and practical contracts properly-crafted to be clear, functional, and appropriately protective of both your clients and your enterprise.

We also advise on intellectual property and how you can protect confidential, proprietary, and valuable information, know-how, and expertise, whether protecting trade secrets through the routine use of confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements or applying for trademark or patents protection. If your company has value, it very likely holds valuable information and ideas.

If you have a business plan, and you’re ready to launch, we might just be the legal counsel you’ve been searching for. Contact our Memphis office today to get started.