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Real Estate Law Attorney in Memphis, Tennessee

Real estate law carries a particular mystique. It also has a special status within the law. Most people have some relationship with real estate, even if it’s just their residence, and as a business, it’s famously easy to get into - and infamously easy to get into trouble. Real estate can be a deceptively complex industry and the reality is that a lawyer is necessary for nearly every transaction that involves real estate, no matter the size or value. So most people end up needing a real estate lawyer at least once in their lives and real estate companies almost certainly need someone on call.

Our firm has particular expertise within the realm of real estate. We know and understand not just the legal intricacies, but also the business of real estate and the industry, including financial modeling, valuation, financing mechanisms, property management, leasing, asset management, etc. If you’re a novice, we can get you set up like the pros. And if you’re an experienced investor, holding company, or property manager, we understand your language and your perspective, and we think you’ll find our industry knowledge refreshing and easier to work with collaboratively.

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We have litigated complex real estate investor disputes; negotiated monetary settlements large and small; drafted and negotiated commercial purchase and sale agreements for retail, industrial, and residential properties of all sizes; negotiated timely lender payoffs and refinancing; established and restructured real estate holding companies; facilitated secured and unsecured, equity, and debt transactions and investments in real estate holding companies of all sizes; drafted, redrafted, and negotiated commercial and residential leases; sued to clear title. In short, we have hands-on, real-world experience with just about everything you could need.

If you’re looking for a real estate lawyer who is more than just a paper-generator, we want to hear from you.