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Small Business Law Attorney in Memphis, Tennessee

Our law firm was established for small businesses in the Memphis, Tennessee, area. Small businesses are typically under-lawyered. Most small businesses think of lawyers as an unfortunate necessity when a legal dispute arises, but otherwise, try to avoid them entirely. We get it. So we want to change that for you because getting a lawyer involved after a dispute arises is too late. Instead, having a good attorney on your side from the beginning will help you avoid unnecessary liabilities and their associated legal fees – and ultimately save you time and money.

Effective Business Advice

Hiring our firm is an investment in your company’s growth and success. We know small businesses. It’s our thing. We want to help you to turn your vision into a reality, and we want to help you protect what you’ve built.

Your Business Deserves
the Best Advice


We absolutely understand that one of the principal barriers to small business owners, entrepreneurs, and investors getting an attorney involved right away is that attorneys have a reputation for charging outrageous fees and for complicating matters rather than simplifying them.

We don’t. When you bring us on board, we work alongside you, collaboratively, to develop a plan tailored to your needs, according to your priorities. We customize solutions to your unique challenges. And our services are comprehensive, from business formation to funding to operations; investor and subscription agreements; employment contracts; confidentiality provisions; and, equity purchase-and-sale agreements.

Why It Works

We advise on best practices, employee handbooks and manuals, policies and procedures and many more legal and legal-related subjects. We work with salons and real estate investors; truck drivers and event promoters; nearly every type and kind of business that contributes to the fabric of our community.

If you’re a small business, we think you’ve been looking for a firm like ours. Contact us at our Memphis office today to see if we’re the right fit for you.